You Are Awake

Do you talk to yourself in the quiet hours and empty moments of life about the things you would like to do with your remaining time on Earth?

“I would love to be a painter,” one woman says. “I want to be a chef,” one man says. Another woman may want to write poetry, another man may want to make the ultimate sacrifice in surrendering all he has and who he is for the service of others. You may want to do something completely different from what you are doing now. Perhaps you feel discontent in your life because you are not doing something you love? Maybe you are bound in marriage to someone you love but are no longer in love with?

Wanting is one thing but doing is something else entirely.

Many of us show disloyalty to who we truly are and the things we wish to do in life. We allow our interests, ambitions, and dreams to fall by the wayside, never giving them the opportunity to breathe  - we simply forget about them. Why? Because we are scared of the unknown. It is easier to play ignorant to the life we want to live over actually living it.

It is only near the end of your life when you wish to begin to live your life - but at this point, it is too late.

Do not waste your remaining years doing something that doesn’t bring you joy. The same goes for keeping company with people you dislike. As of today, look at your life logically, and take note of what is working and what is not. If you’re working in a job that doesn’t fulfill you, withdraw yourself from it and pursue something else. If you’re not happy in your relationship or marriage, aim to rekindle it or cut the connection completely and move on. It is the same for all other things in life: If you not happy, a change must be made.

Up until now, you have been asleep, but here is your wakeup call - now you are awake.

Thanks for reading.