When Death Presses

As I hold this book gently in the palm of my hands (Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss), having thoughtfully read it multiple times from front to back, any fear of death that I may have previously been clutching on to has now drastically diminished - almost completely banished.

There is no need to bite my nails in worry about this or that, him or her, or myself when it comes to knocking on heavens door, for I believe all lives will live on in the eternal form. If ongoing, I did feel the urge bite my nails, I could only hope that I would be doing so in anticipation for what the afterlife is destined to bring; the new colours I will see, the new scents I will smell, the new flavours I will taste, and the new sights and feelings I will experience. 

Remind yourself that you have nothing to fear when departing this life - only those unknown realms of the afterlife to look forward to. We are all soon to experience a new lease of life that we can only dream of at present - for this I am certain.

Now is the time to wave farewell to all of your doubts, concerns, regrets, suspicions, and anxieties. And now is the time to show forgiveness to those who may have done you unfairly in this life.

So, when the door of life closes and the door of death opens, do not put up a fight. Instead, allow yourself to pass through liberally - doing so with grace, confidence and sublime totality.

Step into your new journey of life with a bright smile and a warm heart knowing full-well that the adventure of life may be but a boring one compared to what you are soon to embark on: the adventure of death.

Whenever you feel a sense of unease towards the inevitable, remind yourself: There is life before life; there is life beyond death.

Though my writings on life, death, resurrection and the afterlife have been inspired by books like this, I often sit and wonder how my connection with certain people in life is as magical as they are. “How can some people - certain members of my family, close friends, and those who I would have classed as a stranger yesterday become somebody I would sacrifice my life for today - be bonded by such an instantaneous and electrifying connection?” is the question I often ask myself. “I must have known these people in one of my many possible past lives.” is the answer I often find myself in receiving of. 

Other relationships that I have recently had the pleasure of building almost seem too great of a connection to be real, but they are, and equally as real as the soil beneath our feet and the sky above our head. How can you meet someone today that you are certain you have known for hundreds of years!? So certain that you would place the value of your life upon it. There can only be one explanation: there is more to life than just our physical beings - there is a whole other side to what we think and know about life. Whilst our physical bodies do indeed get buried somewhere along the way, our spirit lives on. I truly do believe that we are forever. We are, in the greater sense of self, immortal.

There is an almighty element of real in what we perceive and have been brought up to believe that is unreal. If there was no reality apart from the life in which we are living now, what does that say about the intelligence of the human race?

Keeping an open mind about life and death - both your own and those close to you - and that which follows (the afterlife) is crucial in helping you to live a life worthy of its meaning.

If you or anybody you know is struggling to come to terms with the reality of mortality, then may I recommend to you three books in which I am certain will support you and those around you throughout the entire experience of death (in preparation, in the event itself, and in the post-management of):

  1. Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss
  2. Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander
  3. The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

Lastly, while everybody may die alone, the next step of our journey is far from lonely.

Happy reading - and thanks for reading.