To Be Happy

Unhappy people compare themselves to those who have more than they do in their lives, even though they themselves have plenty: more relationships, more houses, more cars, more money.

Happy people simply do not compare, instead, they open their mind's eye to the things they have in their life opposed to the things they have not: good health, a loving wife, a beautiful child, a quaint cottage in a safe and quiet village, food on the table, their ability to see, hear, taste and communicate. Happy people are content with the little things and simple pleasures in life whereas unhappy people are in a never-ending pursuit of the next thing: a bigger salary, increased social status, more power and recognition, a faster car, a larger home, a more beautiful wife, another friend, a better body.

Happy people are not in competition with anybody; they view everybody equally. Nobody is better or worse than the other; we are all as one.

Thanks for reading.