The Savage or The Saint?

‘You could be good today,’ Marcus Aurelius wrote, ‘But instead you choose tomorrow.’

Picture this: You are one of the very few individuals who have been chosen to live life in human form - a rare birthing, and a magnificent blessing from Them; the Gods, and Her Majesty, Mother Nature.

The life of man owns an ocean of potential for he who not only realises the vastness of potential that shimmers before him but actualises it, too. Those of us who have been carefully selected to taste the flavours of human life are presented with two options on how to live before we begin living:

1. To become good by doing good to all of the God's children and Mother Nature’s creations

You can die happy, allowing yourself to drift into a deep eternal slumber knowing you gave goodness your best effort. You selflessly served others and demonstrated countless acts of kindness to those who needed it most in times of most need - you became a beacon of hope. Your love spread widely, equally, and unconditionally - like the wings of an infant dove taking flight for the first time - to all living things. Your energy unconsumed, your character full-blooded, and your love unbreakable despite witnessing many accounts of wickedness. What you did, you did with a wise mind and a full heart. What you did not do, you did not do for good reasons; for the benefit of mankind. Your entire life you approached all living things with patience, tolerance, warmth, and compassion. You have done yourself and others proud. Now, you can depart this life and make your way into Heaven knowing that you have lived honourably, happily, and humanly.

2. To become bad by consciously perpetrating evil upon all of the God's children and Mother Nature’s creations

Your passage into the burning gates of hell is paved before you. Your departure from this life will not be over quickly. You will not enjoy it. You will not escape it. You will shed much blood. And you will cry many tears before bleeding your way into the blazing pits of eternal hell for the sins you have committed. The most excruciating of torture instruments will pale in comparison to the pain you are soon to feel. You will beg for mercy, and will even find the nerve to ask for forgiveness before attempting to scurry your way into the darkness like a cowardly rat - but unfortunately for you, neither wishes will be heard let alone considered, for all of your final pleadings will fall on deaf ears.

Now let us take a moment to brood over the life you chose to live over the life you could have lived: You could have been the individual who possessed plenty of admirable traits; kindness, compassion, warmth, and love - but you chose otherwise. You could have provided light for those existing in the dark. You could have been great, but instead, you chose the savage over the saint. Your poor mother… How my ears bleed with tears of empathy in the echoes of your mother's cries during her labour of your birth. I pray that your mother's suffering is no more. As for you, your fate is already carved in stone. The devil impatiently awaits your arrival.

The state of your current life is a result of how you acted in your previous life, and the state of your next life will be a result of how you choose to act in this life - the quality of your lives depend on every conscious action from this moment to the next that you choose to take. Sow the seed of happiness and you will receive happiness; Sharpen the sword of evil and you will receive evil. 

Dear child, welcome to the world. You are a bundle of beautiful potential. I applaud you for making it this far. Congratulations. Now, please excuse my abruptness, young child, but before you grow any older, it is my duty to present you with two options...

Thanks for reading.