The Island of Peace

Throughout our life, we live a series of different lives: the life of him, the life of her, the life of our friend, the life of the stranger, the life of our favourite celebrity, the life of our enemy. We spectate and log the accounts of others as if it was our call of duty, wondering who they are, what they are thinking, what they are doing, where they are heading - we are stargazing. And in doing so, we forget to spectate and log the account of ourselves.

With the world getting louder and busier every day, it can be difficult to think your own thoughts, hear your own voice and see through your own eyes.

Can you hear your child’s laughter? Can you see your wife’s beautiful face? Can you spot the rainbow? Can you hear the river flow? When is the last time you were present, truly present? When is the last time you went for a walk in nature and appreciated her majesty? 'I don’t have time to go for a walk,' you may say. So, you are saying you no longer have time to taste the fresh fruits of life anymore? You no longer have time to laugh with your friends? No longer have time to spend time with your children? No longer have time to make love to your wife? Time is all we have, and the universe has been kind in providing us plenty of it. Life is happening all around you. And as you doze further into the pits of darkness, the world is awake and happening at large. The sun is setting, the clouds are taking shape, the birds are singing, and you are asleep - you hear nothing, you see nothing, you feel nothing because you are asleep.

Do not wish to be found when you are not lost. You are not lost, you have only been asleep. Now you simply need to wake up.

If you feel that life is slowly breaking you down and stripping away your spirit, may I suggest taking some time to engage in an activity that has changed my life: quiet contemplation. Find somewhere to be still which is silent and peaceful each day. Your own personal oasis. Your island of peace. Your temple of solace. You can sit in quiet contemplation for as little or as long as you like, but I suggest no less than five minutes - and as much as five hours per day. When doing so, focus on observing your life from afar - from a great height. Ask yourself questions such as: ‘Am I doing what I love each day?’ ‘Am I happy in my marriage?’ ‘What do I stand for?’ ‘How can I better serve humanity?’ If you catch your thoughts wavering from the task at hand, do not aim to reel them back in right away, give them room to breathe and space to roam - they will soon return. Commit to visiting your silent retreat at the same time each day for twenty-one days - as this is the proven structure in cultivating a new habit.

For the man that masters his mind holds the key to unlocking life’s most treasured answers.

Remember, there is more to life than work, money, and bills. Your career is short-lived. Do not squander your time feeling pressured by others or influenced by society to live your life in a certain way. Design your own template for life. Be yourself, write your own book, run your own race, live your own life - be individual.

Thanks for reading.