The Artist’s Way

Last week, I had a short-lived conversation with a former school friend about my working life.

“So, what do you do for work these days, Chris?” he asked.

“I’m a writer,” I said.

Rather taken back by my answer, he looked at me rather strangely, squinting his eyes in curiosity, almost as if to think I was joking or thinking that I am a fool for choosing a profession in writing.

“What’s the money like?” he asked.

“It can be as much or as little as the writer wishes for,” I replied.

End of conversation.

Maybe he is right. Maybe I am a fool. I mean, let’s face it, writing isn’t easy - and even producing great writing owns no guarantees. But if that means I live the rest of my life doing what I love, I’d be more than happy to accept and own the label of a fool.

Do what you love - and if you’re lacking confidence in following your heart, do what you can’t as that will soon prove that you are doing the right thing. Do not become the sheep that follows the herd just because the farmer and his sheepdog believe you should. Do what makes you happy and act upon the calling in which your nature demands of you. even if it means living in poverty for the rest of your life.

Ask yourself: “If money wasn’t a concern and I had all of the time in the world, would I still do what I am doing today or something different?”

Everybody has a purpose in life, but very few are brave enough to pursue it with the same determination as they would a glass of cold water if they were severely dehydrated.

Don’t be afraid to own your life.

Thanks for reading.