Thank you, but No Thank You

A short while ago, I was contacted via email by a well-known American media company that was interested in purchasing a wide range of written articles from my blog - articles that I myself had written and published.
Once I had finished reading the email regarding the company's offering, I was rather taken back. I mean, here was this well-established company offering me a generous sum of money to purchase a selection of my written articles, and here I am, a twenty-eight-year-old Welshman who does not have a job and writes from his bed whilst drinking cups of tea all day long. I only viewed this offer as a little unusual because I write purely for myself, as a medium of expression - my own form of personal therapy, if you will. And for a company to show financial interest in this style of writing seemed to throw me a touch off centre, that's all.
After a few days of stilling my mind, sitting in quiet contemplation regarding the offer that stood before me, despite the sum of money offered proving most appealing, I wrote an email back to the company respectably declining their offer - providing them with sufficient reasoning to why this was. The company replied, and much to my disbelief presented me with a second offer asking if I would kindly consider writing new articles for their website - beginning with one publication per week. Again, I took some time to think the offer over before, for the second time, respectably declining. The company responded with a very polite and supportive emailed thanking me for my time before wishing me all the best with my future in writing.
Now, I know what you might be thinking, “Why on earth would you turn down a considerable sum of money for a few articles you have written?” And trust me, for a long time I would have asked myself the same question and would have called myself a fool for turning down such a generous offer. But in-between the time of receiving and declining both offers, I allowed myself some breathing time and space to think - you know, time to sleep on it before making any potentially rash decisions. I knew that all I had to do was repeatedly ask myself the same question until the truthful answer decided to unearth itself: 'What is the reason for turning down such a great opportunity?' At first, I was lost for words. I was stuck in a clarity deficit and found difficulty in answering the question open and honestly. But as the hours floated by and the days went on, I soon discovered the answer.
Remember, money works like the ocean; it flows with the current - money is currency. Meaning, money is always going to be available for those who wish to acquire it, whenever they feel the desire or urgency to do so. Therefore, since the currency of money will not ever cease to flow for he who is wise and diligent enough in his proceedings, it is important that you, the maker and shaper of your own destiny, do not take certain financial offerings and other opportunities lightly - especially in exchange for that in which means most to you.
Thanks for reading.