For the most part, all damaging outcomes stem from choosing to lead a busy life.

The multiple sports you play which have resulted in injury.

The affair you’re having which will only end in heartbreak.

The two jobs you work which steals time away from your children.

The three businesses you run which leave you little time for sleep.

The lack of muse. The shortage of stillness. The neglect of number one.

Having recently realised that if I was serious about devoting my life to writing, I had to begin to distance myself from the hustle and bustle in life and take on a more tranquil approach.

A change that was long overdue.

At present, after much practice and perseverance, instead of projecting my thoughts on the past and wondering about what the future holds, the only thought I now possess is of the last paragraph in the book that I’m reading.

Once you inject a reasonable dose of serenity into your life, your day becomes less prone to turbulence. 

It’s a beautiful feeling.

From today, grant yourself permission - and the time - to walk a little slower, read a little more and think a little deeper.

Slowing and turning the volume down on your life doesn’t mean your ambitions become void, doing so provides you with a great opportunity to breathe better, see things differently and to think more clearly about who you are, what you wish to achieve in life, and more importantly, it permits you to be at one with yourself.

True self-development doesn’t take place after reading a book or watching a YouTube video or by attending a seminar of some sort, it blossoms into fruition after having religiously practiced the one activity that many people simply do not have the patience and awareness of self to partake in: sitting alone in a quiet room for hours at a time.

In stillness, in silence, this is where a life worth living can be found.