The mind is the most powerful tool we possess - it can be our greatest opponent or our most loyal ally. Our muse and our clamour. Our spirit and our sin.

Today, my mind was not mistaken: I simply did not write enough - and what I was able to write proved unworthy of publication. Therefore, for a moment, my mind deceived me into thinking that I should be ashamed of calling myself a writer and instead begin seeking a new profession in a different field.

Now, after some reflection time, here I lay, untroubled and undefeated about the shortage of words I produced on this day.

When sloppy days of writing befall me, I do not allow myself to feel guilt or wallow in self-pity. Instead, with the aim of not allowing the blank page to get the better of me, I simply carry out other tasks: reading, walking, meditating, stretching, taking a nap.

When writing is going well, writing is going well. If I am struggling to write, I am struggling to write. The blank page, just like a mirror staring back at us, never lies. It’s okay, struggle through it. I struggle until the first few words appear on paper and then continue to struggle a great deal more until I have written a further one or two thousand words thereafter. When I have reached my word count for the day, which is two thousand words, whether I am satisfied with what I have written or not, I put my pen down and stop writing.

In the artistic world, I see many individuals becoming a slave to their ambition - this is a sorry sight to see, especially those who are greatly talented. These artists work so much that their whole life becomes work, only to leave them in the question of why they began creating the art they once loved in the first place.

When you're going through the rough with your art, remember that art is as much about self-love as it is the creation. For without self-love, creation is not.

Thanks for reading.