Knowledge is Worthless

“Knowledge is power,” as the famous quote reads - as if to say acquiring knowledge is the key to creating an extraordinary life for oneself.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but knowledge, if not coupled with its partner in success: application, is as valuable as the piece of shit that is stuck to the bottom of your shoe.

The one-thousand books you’ve read over the last five years, what have you learned from them?

“Lots,” you say.

How much of what you’ve learned from reading those one-thousand books have you applied in your own life?

“Not much,” you reply.

It doesn’t matter how many books you read on self-development if you’re not prepared to develop yourself after reading them. The rest is mental masturbation.

Those who wish to acquire knowledge must also be prepared for the essential task that follows: action.

Remember, all knowledge that is not utilised is dead knowledge.

Now, before I leave you, please allow me to provide you with some sobering advice: you are not paid for what you know but for what you do with which you know.

Thanks for reading.