I’m an Entrepreneur

Have you ever wanted to become an entrepreneur?

If so, and you have not done so yet, now is your chance.

Calling yourself an entrepreneur in our modern age is as common as rats roaming the streets during The Great Plague of London.

Andrew who sells an online course teaching people how to build guns made out of wood is an entrepreneur.

Susan who runs a puppy grooming parlour from her home in the suburbs is an entrepreneur.

Tommy who cuts his neighbours grass on Saturday mornings is an entrepreneur.

Everybody is an entrepreneur these days.

Stab me in the back and toss me into shark-infested waters.

For most people (yourself probably include), they are approaching the whole entrepreneur thing backwards.

Setting up a business is as simple as cooking toast but maintaining and growing a business is like baking and decorating a wedding cake for The Royal Family.

You want to do it right but there’s so much that can go wrong.

A lot of people fail in business because they get into business for selfish (wrong) reasons:

  1. They’re broke and in need of financial salvation
  2. They’re lost in life and don’t know what else to do
  3. They’re trying to make their parents proud of them

Is business no longer about the customer?

I must have not read the newspaper that day.

When I see people’s job title as ‘Entrepreneur’ on their Facebook profile, I want to dive through the computer screen and karate chop them straight in the neck.

Just because you buy cheap and low-quality products from China and sell them to a bunch of naive individuals online for a teeny-tiny profit does not make you an entrepreneur.

It makes you a cunt.

I know this because I used to be one of those people who sold dodgy goods to clueless consumers.

Guilty as charged.

Made a ton of money doing it.

Bought my dream car with the money I earned.

The guilt I felt made me want to jump off the Empire State Building.

This was not - and is not - entrepreneurship.

This is lying. This is fraud. This is inhumane.

You’d be a fool to think it any different.

Entrepreneurship is not about forcing crappy products down people’s necks that they don't want or need for a price they can't afford. Nor is entrepreneurship a chance to brag about how much money you’ve earned or amount of capital you’ve been able to raise prior to starting your venture. Entrepreneurship is about discovering problems in the world and then coming up with solutions to fix those problems.

Similar to producing your own art, entrepreneurship should be about solving problems in the same way - not replicating (copying) what other businesses are doing because you believe that’s the only way to do things.

That’s bullshit. It showcases your lack of experience, knowledge and confidence - in both yourself and in the business that you're in.

There’s plenty of unique ways that you can go about making people’s lives more liveable without mirroring what others have done or are doing.

I suggest you start here.

Furthermore, I believe a lot of people get into business because they’re scared of what doing the one thing that their nature demands of them.

Deep down, in their heart of hearts, they may want to bring something creative to life but are afraid to pursue it in case they fail.

He might want to sing love songs.

She might want to write poetry.

You might want to paint portraits.

Your dog might want to become a lion.

But what you and other people don’t see is that every day that you fail to pursue your calling is another day that you fail yourself.

When you give yourself permission to express yourself through your chosen medium, this is when you begin to earn the right to call yourself an entrepreneur. 

Isn’t it time you pursued your true calling with the same vigour you did when you started your shady business selling cheap knockoff Avenger figurines online?

Time is ticking.

Better start now, better move fast, better do it right.