“I Love You”

‘I love you,’ in the morning. ‘I love you,’ in the afternoon. ‘I love you,’ in the evening. 'I love you.' here, 'I love you,' there.

What is the need to keep repeating these words? It seems that your love is plucked with strings of uncertainty, inauthenticity, fear - your love lacks love. How can it not? You go on repeating the words 'I love you' like a broken record, almost as if you are searching for something that cannot be found - something has to be wrong. Too much of anything is no good, and too little of anything is not much better - therefore, a balance must be struck.

The same goes for the man who is at peace with himself; for the peaceful man does not go on repeating the words ‘I am at peace.’ Only the man who is unsure of his peace keeps repeating ‘I am at peace.’ If you are at peace, simply be at peace - stay true to your peacefulness by remaining peacefully about how peaceful you are. For if you fail to do so, time will eventually expose you.

Hearing the same words time and time again, whether the words are coming from your own mouth or someone else’s, can get tiresome to listen to - and eventually, such words will begin to fall on deaf ears. As time passes, the more you verbalise your love for somebody the less meaning it has.

'But I want him to know how much I love him.' But your love for him appears to be scant of love. There is no love in your voice when you say it. There is no love in your eyes when you look at him. Your heart appears to be empty of love. Where is your love? If you love him, love him by showing him you love him - not by telling him.

Ask yourself: ‘Am I stating my love him/her as often as I do to make up for my shortage of love I have for him/her?’ Perhaps you're in denial of your love for them or are confused about what true love is? If your love is not there, the least loving words you can keep echoing is 'I love you.'

When you are next tempted to ‘I love you’ to a certain someone, pay close attention to the true reason behind why you are saying it - and if, in the purity of your love, you do decide to say it, how you say it should not be in question.

Thanks for reading.