I’ma Consultant, Bitch

There are many things that make up the beautiful stature of each individual in this world. Some are blessed with good looks. Others are gifted with magical-like talents. And then, there’s the ones who start with nothing, and work their way up the ranks. “Hard work trumps talent, every single time.” I’m about to write […]

Fuck You

No. Not you. Him. Her. Them. You know the type. You’re (just like we all are) surrounded by them every single day. The fraudulent. The fakes. The fucks of the world. Am I about to write something that I soon might regret? Highly likely, yes. Do I do care? Absolutely fuckin’ not. So, with that […]

I’d Rather Fail, Thanks

Every single morning, I wake up to find a flood of messages from people into my social platforms inboxes, and into my email. Every single morning, I become overwhelmed with excitement when I see, read, and digest what some of these people who have say within their messages to me. And every single morning (99% […]


BALLER. Pretty rad name that, don’t you think? On other thoughts … There are few things that baffle my cute and highly imaginative brain within this all so peculiar world, but one thing in-particular takes the first place award in making my head spin, spiral out of control, and perform all kinds of menacing backflips. […]