The Rightful Owner

Are you the job you work at? Are you the shoes you wear? Are you the money you earn? Are you anything and everything but yourself? If you’re struggling to make sense of who you are, perhaps now is a good time to look around your home at the material items you possess… The drawer […]

Goodbye, Social Media

Yesterday, I roamed the countryside for several hours with the aim of silencing a few voices in my head. The voices that speak to me when I’m alone. The voices that speak to me when I’m in a crowd. The voices that never allow my real inner voice to have its say. These voices, just […]

All The Small Things

The shoes you wear, the bag you carry, the car you drive. Soon they won’t mean much, soon they won’t be enough, soon they will need upgrading. You shop tirelessly around the clock and spend your money unwisely on meaningless bits of stuff in the hope that one day they will bring you happiness, but […]

The Invisible Killer

“Imagine you were dead now, or had not lived before this moment. Now view the rest of your life as a bonus, and live it as nature directs.” – Marcus Aurelias After all of this nail-biting and head-scratching over this strange and troubling time that we are all currently experiencing, surrounding the pandemic that is […]

The Art of Doing Nothing

For as long as I can remember, I have always found great difficulty in finishing projects that I’ve started. And this most recent project of mine, my new book: How To Die, Happily – in which I have been attempting to bring to a conclusion for almost two-years now – owns no exception. Even now, […]

The Gift of Study

This year, and all of the years ongoing, when a time of celebration nears; a birthday, a wedding, a death, Christmas, New Years – prepare to show your support differently. Dismiss the material gifts in which we have been brought up to believe to be the most thoughtful of gifts by the giver and the […]

When Death Presses

As I hold this book gently in the palm of my hands (Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss), having thoughtfully read it multiple times from front to back, any fear of death that I may have previously been clutching on to has now drastically diminished – almost completely banished. There is no need […]

The War Against Materialism

One year ago, I finally won my battle against materialism. Prior to this well-fought victory, following a few successful years in business, I had become someone that I never thought I would ever become – and someone that I wished I would never become; a greedy and selfish, materialistic and egotistical individual. Money does not […]

Knowledge is Worthless

“Knowledge is power,” as the famous quote reads – as if to say acquiring knowledge is the key to creating an extraordinary life for oneself. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but knowledge, if not coupled with its partner in success: application, is as valuable as the piece of shit that is […]


For the most part, all damaging outcomes stem from choosing to lead a busy life. The multiple sports you play which have resulted in injury. The affair you’re having which will only end in heartbreak. The two jobs you work which steals time away from your children. The three businesses you run which leave you […]