Chris Jones

The Curse of Addiction

The following article is dedicated to a dear friend of mine, James Noonan. In the last eighteen months, James has transformed himself from an entity of self-destruction into an inspiring agent of change. As a result of discovering his internal strength, befriending the power of faith, and connecting with his Higher Power, James, with Monk-like […]

You Are Awake

Do you talk to yourself in the quiet hours and empty moments of life about the things you would like to do with your remaining time on Earth? “I would love to be a painter,” one woman says. “I want to be a chef,” one man says. Another woman may want to write poetry, another […]

The Magpie Rhyme

We have all seen it. We have all heard it. We have all sang it: One for sorrow, Two for joy, Three for a girl, Four for a boy, Five for silver, Six for gold, Seven for a secret, Never to be told, Eight for a wish, Nine for a kiss Ten for a bird […]


The mind is the most powerful tool we possess – it can be our greatest opponent or our most loyal ally. Our muse and our clamour. Our spirit and our sin. Today, my mind was not mistaken: I simply did not write enough – and what I was able to write proved unworthy of publication. […]

The Artist’s Way

Last week, I had a short-lived conversation with a former school friend about my working life. “So, what do you do for work these days, Chris?” he asked. “I’m a writer,” I said. Rather taken back by my answer, he looked at me rather strangely, squinting his eyes in curiosity, almost as if to think […]

Remember You Will Die

There are a vast number of people who are only content with the most in life: more money, more fame, more power, more recognition, more relationships, more material possessions. There are few and far between individuals who are content with the opposite in life: the bare minimum. I, not to say I always have, fit […]

Who Am I Buying This For?

Sadly, we live in a world where social status is everything. The more popular the brand of clothes we wear and the higher the price tag that is attached to them the better. People will even go to the extent of burying themselves in heaps of debt in order to improve their social image – […]

The Rightful Owner

Are you the job you work at? Are you the shoes you wear? Are you the money you earn? Are you anything and everything but yourself? If you’re struggling to make sense of who you are, perhaps now is a good time to look around your home at the material items you possess… The drawer […]

Goodbye, Social Media

Yesterday, I roamed the countryside for several hours with the aim of silencing a few voices in my head. The voices that speak to me when I’m alone. The voices that speak to me when I’m in a crowd. The voices that never allow my real inner voice to have its say. These voices, just […]

All The Small Things

The shoes you wear, the bag you carry, the car you drive. Soon they won’t mean much, soon they won’t be enough, soon they will need upgrading. You shop tirelessly around the clock and spend your money unwisely on meaningless bits of stuff in the hope that one day they will bring you happiness, but […]