28 Thoughts From a 28-Year Old

I planned to publish this article on my birthday last year (12/08/2019) but it turns out I got way too drunk that night and forgot I ever wrote it.

Better late than never.

Can we pretend that today is my birthday? My 28th birthday.

Pretty please?

Happy Birthday, me.

I still feel hungover.

And since it’s my birthday, I thought I would spend some time - before I get regrettably drunk and lose all my inhibitions - by sharing 28 of my most pragmatic thoughts with you that helped me through the last 12-months.

I hope you don’t fall asleep.


  1. Be kind to people. No matter who it is, what day it is, what they smell like or how bad the weather is.
  2. Have fun with your life - because, without laughter and smiles, life is a frown.
  3. Stop writing and editing at the same time - it’s not what writers do.
  4. Ask yourself: Would you rather live a long life doing what you hate or live a shorter life doing what you love?
  5. Travel widely and pack lightly - you don’t need a lot to have a good time.
  6. Spend more quality time those people who gift your life with gems. You know who these people are and these people know who they are.
  7. Life should be spent like muscles in the gym are grown: with moderate intensity - with peaks to progress and troughs to recover.
  8. “Sleep is the best meditation.” - Dalai Lama
  9. Working hard isn’t the answer - it is simply part of the equation.
  10. A real writer writes for themselves - not for anybody else.
  11. Do not hide your defeats nor be ashamed of them. Instead, allow your adversity to become your university.
  12. Life is similar to a novel; it should not be critiqued on the length of the novel as much as it should be on the content that reads within.
  13. The best way to approach death is to live.
  14. You stare at that sports car as if you have forgotten your past. Remind yourself, you have already lived that moment.
  15. Whatever you’re doing, however you’re doing it, and wherever you’re doing it, tell yourself that the past has been, the present is now and the future is then.
  16. Live with purpose - a definitive purpose. If you don’t, a half-awake corpse remains.
  17. The world is a riot but your mind need not be.
  18. Give yourself more time to be: To be still. To be silent. To be what nature intended.
  19. Your work and wit and wisdom may go unnoticed, but disallow your life to follow suit - especially not by its keeper.
  20. Become the oak tree that stands its ground even when the most violent of storms blow around it.
  21. Time has been kind to you, it’s now time for you to be kind to it.
  22. Tell your father that you love him - that hat you always have and that you always will. It’s been 28 years and you still have not told him.
  23. Stop drinking milk because it’s making you itch. But never stop eating pizza, because pizza is life - and you should never restrict yourself of life.
  24. You have lived a great life so far, but do remember, you are only in your stretching phase. Much is left to do.
  25. If you’re looking to experience hell before death, do nothing with your life.
  26. You spent five months practicing the splits - you succeeded. You devoted four months to mastering the handstand walk - you succeeded. How much time are you prepared to put into writing your new book?
  27. The only murder you should commit is the one of your ego.
  28. My personal take on happiness: to live every day as if today was the day that I always deliberately wished to travel back to.

That was my 28 cents from a 28-year-old on my 28th birthday.

If I’m lucky enough to make it another year, you’ll have the chance to read another 29 of my deepest thoughts on the same day in 2020 - or perhaps a few months later down the line.

P.S. I borrowed the idea for this article from the modern-day philosopher-king himself, Ryan Holiday. Ryan wrote an article similar to this one for his 33rd birthday last year (in 2019) which was titled ’33 Thoughts From a 32-Year-Old.’

Thanks for the inspiration, Mr. Holiday!

Now, let’s party. Again.