Month: May 2020

The Curse of Addiction

The following article is dedicated to a dear friend of mine, James Noonan. In the last eighteen months, James has transformed himself from an entity of self-destruction into an inspiring agent of change. As a result of discovering his internal strength, befriending the power of faith, and connecting with his Higher Power, James, with Monk-like […]

To Read

I believe in reading books about people who are more intelligent, successful, and more experienced in life than I am. The Autobiography of Malcolm X, The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, and Meditations by Marcus Aurelias to name a few. Only through this practice of reading more books about more extraordinary individuals will I be […]

The Savage or The Saint?

‘You could be good today,’ Marcus Aurelius wrote, ‘But instead you choose tomorrow.’ Picture this: You are one of the very few individuals who have been chosen to live life in human form – a rare birthing, and a magnificent blessing from Them; the Gods, and Her Majesty, Mother Nature. The life of man owns […]