Month: April 2020

The Devil Inside

When it comes to producing art, art of any kind, there seems to be a certain level of resistance the artist feels prior to beginning their creation – a gravitational pull that steers the writer into every direction bar the one where his pen and paper lie. This resistance is an unrelenting foe, one which […]

The Door of Light

“All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone.” – Blaise Pascal   To meditate is to dream. Meditation is a practice in which you can send yourself into the wildest corners of your imagination to really explore the depths of your mind before returning home safely, soundly, and […]

Death by Materialism

Not too long ago, I was fortunate enough to bring all that I once dreamed of into my possession. At the peak of my material greed, at twenty-four years of age, I believed to have it all: the thriving business, the swanky top-floor apartment, the expensive clothes, the luxury cars, and financial independence to the […]

The Truth About Death

It appears that I have broken the cardinal rule of life: Instead of concentrating my time and energy on living, I have been concentrated on dying. To continue thinking of and speaking of death is utter sin. Not only to your mother, your father, your family and your friends, and not only to mankind on […]

To Be Happy

Unhappy people compare themselves to those who have more than they do in their lives, even though they themselves have plenty: more relationships, more houses, more cars, more money. Happy people simply do not compare, instead, they open their mind’s eye to the things they have in their life opposed to the things they have […]

“I Love You”

‘I love you,’ in the morning. ‘I love you,’ in the afternoon. ‘I love you,’ in the evening. ‘I love you.’ here, ‘I love you,’ there. What is the need to keep repeating these words? It seems that your love is plucked with strings of uncertainty, inauthenticity, fear – your love lacks love. How can […]


Meditation does not have to be boring. Naturally, when you meditate your mind wanders; you drift, you leave the home of your mind for a brief moment before returning for a brief moment. This process of leaving and returning from your mind’s home is, in essence, what meditation is. You may go through this process […]

The Island of Peace

Throughout our life, we live a series of different lives: the life of him, the life of her, the life of our friend, the life of the stranger, the life of our favourite celebrity, the life of our enemy. We spectate and log the accounts of others as if it was our call of duty, […]