Month: July 2019

That “Fitness” Thing

For the last three weeks, I’ve been traveling around Scotland whilst living out of a single duffel bag. I’ve been living the life of a true minimalist and finding tremendous joy in doing so. And since money isn’t of great abundance right now, I have been forced to limit myself to spending less than £5 […]

A Day of Rest

Yesterday, I took a much-needed day of rest.   Now, as many of you know, my energy levels rarely appear to be depleted. I write anywhere from four-six hours per day and train in the gym anywhere between two-three hours per day. I walk an average of four miles each day on and sleep between […]


One man be good, another misguided. No man is evil, for evil is a state of the unknown, the unseen, and the unheard. The man’s intentions were not to exhaust the last of his coins, nor were they to become a beggar who slept on the streets. The saga of unfortunate events leading up to […]

A Vital Lesson

Never before in my 27-years of life have I expended more creative toil on a project than I have done writing my new book: How to Die, Happily. But at the same time, I have never enjoyed working on a project as much I have done this one either. I am currently a little over […]

Embracing Fate

Similar to a well-populated commune of penguins darting carelessly through the waters of the Atlantic ocean beside one another, these flightless birds are more than aware that their current voyage could indeed be their last. Due to an abundance of blood-thirsty sharks and orca whales circling the same seas as them for most of the […]


In this article, I’m going to talk about why being stuck in a financial rut can act as an artist’s best friend, and why you should consider basking in its unappealing eminence as opposed to running away from it. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “How can the words ‘broke’ and ‘best’ even fit into […]

Act, Now

Some folks crave power and recognition, some set their ambitions on financial riches, others desire hearty portions of fanfare, a few strive to create a legacy for themselves, many wish for peace, happiness, freedom, and love. And then there is those who pray for additional time. Whatever your goal in life, it is critical that […]

How to Die, Happily

For the last four months, I have been writing my new book: How to Die, Happily. How to Die, Happily, is a book centered around, if you haven’t already guessed from the giveaway title, one of the greatest components of life: Death. Though ancient Roman history and stoic philosophy aren’t my forte, both subjects fail […]

Less Work

For the last three hours, I have been sat down in the same chair staring out of the same window gawking at the same cobbled street outside. I really haven’t been doing much of anything or doing anything of much. I’ve just been perched here, gaping and yawning at the fascinating characters that stroll so […]

Fitness is Free

When my teenage years were in full swing, I often looked upon health and fitness as a bit of a joke. For those who ran, I felt like tripping up. For those who lifted weights, I believed to be insecure. For those who slept too much, I would’ve classed them as weak. And for those […]